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Garage Door Service on the Gold Coast

Does your garage door make a dreadful grinding or squeaking noise every time you push the remote? Does it close halfway and then open up again? These are common problems that we resolve for our clients all the time.

When your garage door stops working the way it should, call All Coast Garage Doors for assistance. We offer fast and effective garage door service on the Gold Coast.


We Get Your Garage Door Working Again

Here are some signs that you need garage door repairs and what the underlying issue could be:

  • Garage door reverses or only partially opens. If this occurs, the safety sensors may be blocked. Try cleaning them and checking for obstructions. We can also check that they are properly aligned and that no wires have come loose.
  • Garage door is noisier than normal. Rattling, squeaking and grinding noises are never a good sign. You may need new rollers or hinges, or you might just need to lubricate the springs.
  • Garage door doesn’t respond to remote. If the chain still moves, the opener might just be disengaged. Otherwise, try replacing the batteries in the remote.

For more help troubleshooting your garage door’s problems, see our FAQ page.

Often, the repair you need is something simple and inexpensive. But when the time comes for a new garage door, we have lots of options to choose from.


We Customise Your Garage Door

At All Coast Garage Doors, we stock many different garage door options. You can choose from tilt, sectional and roller doors and opt for either a sliding or swinging motor.

We can help you customize your garage door to suit your home’s style and add curb appeal. A natural timber door is a classic choice. But if you prefer a cheaper alternative, we can paint your garage door so that it looks like real wood — but without the extra maintenance!


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